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2021 Disability Inclusion Grants

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The ACT Office for Disability is pleased to announce the 2021 Disability Inclusion Grant (the Grants). The Grants provide opportunities for community groups, organisations and small businesses to apply for funds, in the form of a once-only grant to enable the organisation to become more inclusive of and accessible to people with disability.

The Grant will provide increased opportunities for people with disability to participate in mainstream community and/or social groups by removing or reducing a range of physical, communication and/or attitudinal barriers faced by people with disability.

Applications that address a need identified by people with disability and that have a broad and deep impact (i.e. make meaningful improvements that will benefit many people) in improving the inclusion of people with disability in the ACT community will be looked upon favourably.

We are interested in achieving outcomes that benefit as many people as possible and greater emphasis will be placed on projects that enhance access and inclusion for multiple people in accessing mainstream opportunities ( non-specialist disability support settings).

Proposal examples are provided in the Grant guidelines and include developing of a Disability Action and Inclusion Plan, disability awareness training, and purchasing assistive technologies.